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Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina: The Most Luxurious Hotel in Bogota

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Bogota, Colombia’s vibrant capital city, is the perfect place to visit in Colombia. When visiting, you’ll experience some of the best things to do in Colombia and learn what makes this country so incredible. The best way to experience a city is by making sure you’re staying in the most ideal location. That’s where the Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina comes in. This stunning, colonial-style luxury hotel is the perfect place to base yourself for a stay in Bogota. Keep reading to learn more about this hotel!

How to Get to Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina

Four Seasons Casa Medina is located in Bogota, Colombia’s capital city. Bogota is located in the central part of Colombia, situated within the Andes Mountains. It sits at an elevation of over 8,600 feet (2,600+ meters), making it one of the highest capital cities in the world.

Bogota is a very well-connected city by air. You can fly nonstop into Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport (airport code: BOG) from several destinations within the United States, including New York, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more. It’s also super well-connected to other cities within Colombia, making it a perfect stop on any Colombia itinerary.

Once you arrive in Bogota, you’ll find the Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina situation in Bogota’s Zona G neighborhood – only a 40-minute car ride away from the airport. This neighborhood is pretty calm, compared to some of the more bustling areas of Bogota. It’s the perfect neighborhood for an escape from the city life, and Four Seasons Casa Medina is the absolute best spot to unwind.

brick courtyard with vibrant tile and lots of greenery in bogota luxury hotel four seasons casa medina

Rooms & Suites at Four Seasons Casa Medina

The Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina is home to 43 guest rooms and 19 suites. The original building that is now known as the Four Seasons was built in 1946. In 1984, the building was designated for its architectural heritage, before being restored and transformed into a hotel in 1988. Finally, in 2016, this gorgeous, colonial masterpiece became a part of the Four Seasons portfolio.

Because of the building’s history, each room has its own unique features and character. As a result, this hotel with only 62 rooms has several different room types to choose from, all listed below.

  • Superior Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Premier Room
  • Grand Premier Room
  • Grand Premier Room with Fireplace
  • Executive Suite
  • Executive Suite with Fireplace
  • One-Bedroom Suite with Balcony
  • One-Bedroom Suite with Fireplace
  • Penthouse Suite
  • Colonial One-Bedroom Suite


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Rooms at Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina

There are several different room types to choose from when booking a stay at Four Seasons Casa Medina. As you go up in room type, the rooms get gradually larger. While even the lead-in room category Superior Room is a great size at 258 square feet (24 m2), I’d recommend going for at least the Premier Room, which is a much more comfortable 430 square feet (40 m2). Anything above the Premier Room is just an added bonus, especially the Grand Premier Room with Fireplace.

If you’re traveling with a child and you don’t want to upgrade to a suite, you have to book either a Grand Premier Room or a Grand Premier Room with Fireplace, as the maximum capacity for these rooms is 2 adults and 1 child. The other room categories max out at 2 adults.

The other benefit of booking at least a Premier room is that this is the first category room that offers a King bed option. Both the Superior Room and Deluxe Room are only offered with a Queen bed, so the Premier Room gives you a lot more room to spread out while sleeping. The Premier Room is also offered in a Queen-bedded or two twin-bedded option as well, so make sure to request this when you book. Lastly, the Grand Premier Room and the Grand Premier Room with Fireplace have the ability to have not only a King bed, but also a rollaway bed.

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hotel room in bogota colombia with dark couch and bright white bed

Suites at Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina

Surprisingly, the Four Seasons Casa Medina has more suite types available than rooms. Four of these suite types are considered standard suites, while two are considered specialty suites. If you’ve been waiting for your opportunity to splurge a little bit to get a suite instead of a room, this is the place to do it because the prices are very affordable.

All suites available are offered with a King bed only. However, you can request a rollaway bed (or two if you’re in the Penthouse Suite), whether the two adults want separate beds or if you have a child traveling with you. The capacity of all the suites are 2 adults and 1 child, with the exception of the Penthouse Suite, which allows up to 2 adults and 2 children.

I’d recommend going for at least the One-Bedroom Suite with Balcony. The One-Bedroom Suites have a separate bedroom and living area, which is really the main reason to get a suite, in my opinion. While the Executive Suites are a great option if you’re looking for extra space, there’s not a separate living area, meaning they’re mostly set up like a Junior Suite.

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Staying in a Grand Premier Room at Four Seasons Casa Medina

During my time at Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina, I stayed in a Grand Premier Room. This room more than enough space, was on a higher floor, and even the bathroom was quite spacious for a city hotel. These rooms can be anywhere from the 2nd to the 5th floor, so I’d recommend requesting a higher floor.

This room type is only available in a King-bedded option, so because I was staying with a friend, we opted for the rollaway bed. Even with the big rollaway bed in the room, there was more than enough space. If you need the rollaway bed, make sure to request this prior to your arrival so it can be set up for you ahead of time.

On top of the massive King bed and rollaway, this room featured a super comfortable couch and coffee table, a fully stocked mini bar, big-screen TV, desk/working area, and large windows that look out to the bustling streets of Bogota. Inside the bathroom, there was a single sink and a really spacious shower as well.

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hotel bed with golden lamp and desk with photo frame at hotel in bogota colombia

Restaurants at Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina

Four Seasons Casa Medina is home to one of the best restaurants in Bogota – Castanyoles. This Spanish bar and restaurant is open all-day and features a wide variety of options on the menu. In the morning, this is the restaurant for the breakfast. Additionally, the restaurant serves lunch and dinner later in the day. On top of that, it also has a gorgeous bar right in the center of the room, where you can sip on cocktails all day long.

While the breakfast here is absolutely delicious, I definitely recommend trying this out for at least one lunch and one dinner. The restaurant features a greenhouse atrium full of industrial-style lighting and stunning tiles that make this a dreamy place to dine. It’s bright and open in the daytime, and during night transforms into a really intimate, romantic space perfect for dinner. Check out the menu at Castanyoles here.

Lastly, if you’re wanting to hang out in your room, you can order in-room dining. You’ll still get a delicious meal delivered right to you if you’re tired from a long day of exploring Bogota.

restaurant at four seasons casa medina in bogota with a rustic farmhouse vibe

Activities at Four Seasons Casa Medina

Since Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina is a city hotel, most of the things to do here are off-property. Four Seasons team of world-class concierges can assist you with planning the perfect itinerary for your time in Bogota. If you’re looking to stay in, the hotel also offers a spa and fitness center.

The hotel is located in the financial district of Bogota and boasts some of the city’s best restaurants. The concierge can recommend some great restaurants for your stay in Bogota and even help you secure reservations where necessary. When you’re ready to get out and explore the city, the concierge can help you set up some incredible experiences. In fact, the hotel is located only 20 minutes away from Bogota’s designer boutiques in Zona T and the historic buildings of the city’s colonial quarter.

I highly recommend download the Four Seasons App and chatting with concierge to plan some activities during your stay.

Book Your Stay at Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina

Now that you know everything you need to know about Four Seasons Bogota Casa Medina, it’s time to book your stay! Hopefully I’ve answered any questions you may have about the hotel. If there’s anything else you’re unsure about, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram to ask.

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