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Four Seasons Resort Anguilla: The Caribbean’s Most Luxurious Resort

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Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets. This island paradise is known for white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, and the friendliest locals – all of which will leave you coming back for more! Anguilla is considered a “higher end” Caribbean island and has some of the region’s best luxury resorts – the Four Seasons Anguilla is no exception. Keep reading to discover everything about Four Seasons Resort Anguilla and what makes it so special!

How to Get to Four Seasons Anguilla

Four Seasons Anguilla is located on the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. The closest islands to Anguilla are St. Maarten/Martin, St. Barths. Islands like St. Kitts & Nevis (home of Four Seasons Nevis!), the British Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands, and Antigua & Barbuda are also fairly close by to Anguilla.

The best way to get to Four Seasons Anguilla is to fly into St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport (airport code: SXM). From the St. Maarten airport, you can arrange your transportation directly with the Four Seasons concierge. Upon arrival at the airport, you’ll look for the Four Seasons representative at the airport and take a car to the port across the street from the airport.

Once you arrive at the port, you will have a representative assisting you through the process to “leave” St. Maarten and “enter” Anguilla. Here you’ll wait for your ferry from St. Maarten to Anguilla. Depending on weather, the ride across to Anguilla can be anywhere from 20-30 minutes. It’s a super easy boat ride, so enjoy!! If the weather is great, I recommend sitting up front.

The cost of this transfer with Four Seasons is $220 per person roundtrip. If you’d like to arrange more private options, you can inquire about that with the Four Seasons concierge via their app.

Another alternative is to fly into the Anguilla airport. American Airlines is now operating very limited flights to Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd Airport (airport code: AXA). These flights are very limited though and I still recommend flying via St. Maarten. However, if you find the Anguilla flights are an option for you, go for it!

Click here to search flight prices to St. Maarten & Anguilla.

geographical map of four seasons anguilla in the caribbean

Rooms & Suites at the Four Seasons Resort Anguilla

The Four Seasons Resort Anguilla boasts 70 guest rooms and 111 suites, villas, residences, and town homes. The guest rooms are offered in either resort view or ocean view. The sizes also vary a bit between the room types.

In addition to the standard rooms available, there are several types of suites, villas, and residences available to stay in. Below is a list of the different types of guest rooms and suites. Specialty suites, villas, and residences can be viewed directly on the Four Seasons website.

  • Resort-View Room
  • Ocean-View Studio Room
  • Deluxe Ocean-View Studio Room
  • One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite
  • Deluxe Ocean-View One-Bedroom Suite
  • Ocean-View Rooftop Suite


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view of the ocean and small beach from residences at four seasons anguilla with palm trees and turquoise waters

Rooms at the Four Seasons Anguilla

There are only 3 different room types at the Four Seasons Anguilla, which makes your decision easier! The first decision you’ll have to make is if you’d like a resort view room or an ocean view room. The obvious choice *should* be ocean view because, trust me, the views of the ocean at Four Seasons Anguilla are to die for.

All room types are centered around the two main pools – the adults only Sunset Pool and the central Aleta Pool. There are a couple differences between the 3 room types. The first big difference is size. The Resort-View Room and Ocean-View Studio Room have very similar sizes, whereas the Deluxe Ocean-View Studio Room is quite a bit bigger. The other main difference between rooms is that the Resort-View Room is the only room type that doesn’t have a Plunge Pool. If you see this as a huge benefit (who doesn’t love a plunge pool?!), you’ll want to book either the Ocean-View Studio Room or the Deluxe Ocean-View Studio Room.

Another really important thing to remember is that the Resort-View Rooms and the Ocean-View Studio Rooms have a capacity of 4 adults. This is pretty uncommon, but a huge benefit if you’re traveling with more people and want to save a bit of money by all staying in one room. You have to make sure to book the room layout with 2 Queen beds to ensure you can fit the 4 people.

Unless you want to fit 4 adults in one room, I’d definitely recommend staying in the Deluxe Ocean-View Studio Room. The Deluxe Ocean-View Studio Room has the benefit of the plunge pool and the extra space that you won’t get in the other two rooms, so it’s definitely worth the slight extra cost.

Click here to see prices for the Rooms at Four Seasons Resort Anguilla.

resort map of four seasons resort anguilla

Suites at the Four Seasons Anguilla

If you can squeeze a bit more out of your budget, you should definitely book a suite when staying at Four Seasons Anguilla. There are 3 different suite types – One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite, Deluxe One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite, and Ocean-View Rooftop Suite. These suites gradually get larger in size, with the smallest being 1268 sqft (118 sqm).

While the size does vary between these suites from 1268-1510 sqft (118-140 sqm), I don’t think the size makes a huge difference here. The One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite is technically the smallest, but still feels massive. The main benefit you’re going to gain going up to a better suite is a better view, with the Ocean-View Rooftop Suite offering the best view.

An interesting thing to remember is that despite the Suites being more than double the size of the Rooms mentioned above, they all max out at 3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child. That means you can’t fit 4 adults into these larger Suites like you can into the Resort-View Rooms and Ocean-View Studio Rooms. The only reason for this is that the Suites only come in 1 King bed layouts, whereas the room types holding up to 4 adults offer 2 Queen beds.

Click here to see prices for Suites at Four Seasons Resort Anguilla.

Staying in a One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite at Four Seasons Anguilla

During my stay at Four Seasons Anguilla, I was lucky enough to stay in a One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite. This room category is incredible because it’s super spacious with easy access to most major areas of the resort. The One-Bedroom Suites max out at 3 occupants and there’s more than enough room for 3 people.

We were located in the main building that sits between the Sunset Lounge & Pool and the main Aleta Pool. This is the location of most of the One-Bedroom Suites at Four Seasons Anguilla, so you can’t go wrong choosing a One-Bedroom Suite. Once you book your suite, be sure to send a message to the concierge via the Four Seasons app and request a room with the most unobstructed view of the ocean.

Click here to see prices for the One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suites at Four Seasons Anguilla.

Inside the One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite

When considering the room to book for your stay at Four Seasons Anguilla, I highly recommend the One-Bedroom Suites. They’re an upgrade from the base level rooms, but offer a ton of space and easy access to most areas of the resort. You’re within a 5-minute walk of most restaurants and all 3 pools at the resort as well.

As soon as you walk into the One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suite, you’re met with a corridor leading to the main living area. Before you walk through the corridor, there’s a half bathroom and a butler’s pantry immediately as you walk in the front door. The half bathroom is a great touch because it allows 2 people to use the bathroom at one time – game changer! The butler’s pantry is a great access as well because not only does it feature a minibar like you’d expect from a hotel room, but it also has a big sink and a microwave (perfect for heating up your leftovers!).

Once you get to the end of the corridor, you’re met with the open living area. There’s a bunch of seating space here on some of the comfiest couches I’ve ever sat on. You can easily host several people in this room if you have friends staying at the resort with you. This room also has a TV and a big table. You can opt to exit this room and walk out onto the balcony or into the bedroom. The balcony is MASSIVE – not only does it have a couch and two lounge chairs, but it also has a heated plunge pool.

Lastly is the bedroom and the master bathroom. You can enter the bedroom from either the living area or the other side of the balcony. The bedroom is also super spacious (are you seeing a trend here?) which centers around an exceptionally comfortable King bed. There’s another TV in the bedroom, as well as a desk with seating. The bathroom has all you’d expect from an ultra-luxurious resort bathroom – double sinks, deep bathtub, spacious shower, separate toilet room, and walk-in closet.

Click here to see prices for the One-Bedroom Ocean-View Suites at Four Seasons Anguilla.

close up of hotel room bed's pillows with four seasons logo in focus

Restaurants & Bars at Four Seasons Resort Anguilla

Four Seasons Anguilla has a bunch of different options for food and drink. You really can’t go wrong with the food at this resort because it’s all absolutely delicious, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Plus, this resort has one of the most epic sunset lounges for evening cocktails I’ve ever seen!

It’s common in Anguilla to leave the resort for dinner as the island has a bunch of great options. That being said, I’d definitely make sure to try out all the dining options at the resort. They’re well worth the experience! See below for all the food and drink options at Four Seasons Anguilla.

  • Salt (breakfast / dinner): blufftop restaurant with fresh breakfasts and vibrant seafood offerings
  • Bamboo Bar & Grill (lunch): casual beachfront dining
  • Half Shell Beach Bar (lunch): casual light lunch option
  • Sunset Lounge (lunch / dinner): cocktail bar and sushi lounge

In addition to the options listed above, the resort also offers in-room dining. You can order this via the Four Seasons app or directly from your room. The pools and beaches also have service directly to your seat, so you can lounge by the pool or ocean while eating lunch or sipping cocktails. Four Seasons Anguilla occasionally offers special Chef In Residence dining experiences as well. Make sure to check the hotel’s website for these special events.

view of barnes bay in four seasons anguilla from sunset lounge

Pools & Beaches at Four Seasons Anguilla

Four Seasons Anguilla is nestled in between two bays, Barnes Bay and Meads Bay. The main area of the hotel is located on a clifftop bluff in the center of these bays. This means that on either side of the resort is a gorgeous, white sand beach with the most turquoise waters you’ve ever seen

The resort’s main beach is on the Meads Bay side. There are dozens of lounge chairs set up in the perfect location on this beach. This is the location of the water sports area as well. There are a couple of lounge chairs on the Barnes Bay side as well, but if you’re looking to relax on the beach, the Meads Bay side is definitely the way to go.

Four Seasons Anguilla features 3 pools – the Sunset Pool, Aleta Pool, and Bamboo Pool. The main pool is the Aleta pool, which is in the center of the resort. This is the pool where you can rent cabanas for the day if you wish. The Aleta Pool and Bamboo Pool are both family friendly pools. The Sunset Pool is adults only and is facing Barnes Bay. If you’re looking for a pool closer to Meads Bay, you’ll want to opt for the Bamboo Pool.

Click here to see prices for Four Seasons Resort Anguilla.

aerial view of sunset pool and lounge at four seasons anguilla

Activities at Four Seasons Resort Anguilla

When visiting Four Seasons Anguilla, you’ll have a plethora of activities to choose from. There are lots of things to do on resort and off resort. The one thing I will say about paid excursions at the resort is that they’re sometimes only offered 2-3 days a week. Make sure you talk to the concierge ahead of your stay to pre-book excursions!

If the pools and beaches aren’t enough, you won’t be bored! Below is a list of the many different activities at Four Seasons Anguilla to keep you occupied during your vacation.

  • Scuba diving
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Glass-bottom kayak tours
  • Tubing
  • Banana boating
  • Knee boarding
  • Water skiing
  • Wake boarding
  • Snorkeling excursions
  • Sunset cruises
  • Tennis
  • Rock climbing

In addition to all the above, the resort features a full service spa and fitness center. I’d also highly recommend renting a car from the resort one day and driving all around the island. You can visit some of Anguilla’s famous sites like Shoal Bay Beach, Rendezvous Bay Beach, and Little Bay, to name a few.

Book Your Stay at Four Seasons Anguilla

Now that you’ve learned all you can know about Four Seasons Anguilla, you’re ready to book your stay! Hopefully I’ve answered any questions you may have about a stay at the resort above. The undeniable beauty of the island of Anguilla combined with the unmatched luxury and service of Four Seasons are hard to match.

It’s a perfect stay whether you’re on a honeymoon, visiting with a significant other, or on a friends trip. You’ll be blown away by how incredible Anguilla is and how it feels like you have the island to yourself. That being said, certain room categories sell out very fast. You’ll want to make sure to book far in advance.

If you have any questions about Four Seasons Anguilla that I haven’t answered above, feel free to leave a comment below, reach out on Instagram, or send me an email. Happy travels!!!

Click here to see prices for Four Seasons Anguilla.

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