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The 8 Coolest Airbnbs in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. They speak Dutch here, but most residents of Amsterdam are also fluent in English, so it’s easy to get around if you don’t know any Dutch, but it could come in handy to know a few phrases. This city is absolutely magnificent, with its colorful buildings along the canal, which reflects the beautiful lights in a magical way. If you’re not from the area, it can be hard to choose the perfect place to stay, but we’ve compiled a list of the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam!

How to Get to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is located on the western side of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is home to many canals, which are filled by the nearby Lake Markermeer. If you’re not from around here, you’ll want to fly into Amsterdam. The airport people use here is called the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (airport code: AMS). This airport is located about twenty minutes from the heart of the city.

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How to Get Around Amsterdam

There’s so much to do in Amsterdam, such as going to the Anne Frank House or visiting the Van Gogh Museum. You won’t want to miss out on these destinations by not having a way around the city. But not to worry – Amsterdam has lots of options when it comes to public transportation! There are boats, trains, trams, and buses. Or, if you’re up for it, Amsterdam has lots of bike rentals around the city!

The Best Airbnbs in Amsterdam

There’s so much to plan for when you’re traveling – you have to check the weather so you know what clothes to pack, you have to buy plane tickets and figure out transportation when you get there, but most importantly, you have to find a place to stay. Let me take some stress off your plate and help you find the perfect place to stay. Keep reading to choose from the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam.

19th Century Townhouse

This townhouse is absolutely gorgeous inside! The entire home is filled with lots of natural light that makes the white walls of every room shine bright. This Airbnb is located in a quiet area, called Jordaan. And it’s within walking distance from a bunch of great bars, restaurants, and lunch rooms.

This home has a spacious kitchen with a stove oven and lots of counter space, so you’ll have plenty of room to whip up something to eat during your stay in Amsterdam. The living room has a beautiful fireplace, which you’ll enjoy from the comfy couch and armchairs. Plus, there are two huge windows that let in a lot of light.

This home has two bedrooms, each with a King-sized bed. There are one and a half bathrooms in this home, and you can fit up to four guests here. This lovely Airbnb also has a cute side yard with outdoor seating for you to enjoy during your stay!

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Images provided by Alexis from 19th-Century Townhosue via Airbnb

Luxurious Spacious Suite in Jordaan

This suite is located in Jordaan and is filled with glorious sunlight, which is great for all of the indoor plants! This home has a lovely garden, which you are welcome to sit out in and enjoy upon your leisure time.

Sit on the comfy couch or at the counter table, and enjoy some tea from the kettle, which the host has provided. There is also a fridge and a coffee machine. This home also has a TV and WiFi.

This Airbnb features a single bedroom with a double bed. There is also a sofa bed in the living room, so you can fit up to three guests in this home. There are one and a half bathrooms, including one with a bathtub that has a beautiful view of the garden.

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Images provided by Job and Judith from Luxurious Spacious Suite Jordaan via Airbnb

Beautifully Decorated Home

This home will take your breath away. Take one look at it, and you’ll wish you could live here all year long! The walls of this home are shaped like a U, but there is so much space inside. The entire home is made of wood and has lots of beautiful flowers in the front yard.

The kitchen has a microwave and lots of dishes and silverware for you to whip up a meal during your stay. There is a TV in the seating area off from the kitchen, so you can watch some TV while you enjoy a meal. The host has also provided you with lots of toiletries in the bathroom, such as soaps and towels.

The bedroom has two beds that look super comfy! But let’s get to the best part – the backyard! There is outdoor seating amongst the  twinkly lights that hang overheard. Enjoy a nice, peaceful evening outdoors. Or, have a picnic at the outdoor table, shaded under the large umbrella. Clearly, this is one of the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam!

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Images provided by Irene from Sfeervol ingericht zelfstandig huisje via Airbnb

Cozy Guesthouse in Watergang

This guesthouse is absolutely adorable! It is located in the peaceful city of Watergang, just twelve minutes to Amsterdam by car or bus. Lots of natural light pours into this house. There is a picnic table in the backyard underneath twinkly lights. Oh, and did we mention it’s right along the water?! So you can take a canoe out onto the water for a peaceful daytime activity.

The kitchen includes two hot plates, a fridge, a kettle, and an espresso machine. The living room has a TV and a comfy yellow couch that can be used as a makeshift guest bed. There’s also a cute seating area with two cozy chairs if you want to sit and enjoy a meal.

Climb up the ladder into the loft and enjoy some well-deserved rest on the double bed after a long day of exploring the city. There’s also a bathroom with a shower. If you’re looking for a home nearby to the city but without all the noise, this is the home for you!

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Images provided by Tamara from Cosy Guesthouse in Watergang via Airbnb

Apartment in the City Center

This apartment has lots of lovely decorations throughout the home, including some very beautiful paintings. Located in Jordaan, you’ll be super close to Central Station. You’ll also be within walking distance to the Anne Frank house. Plus, this home is right by lots of great restaurants, markets, galleries, and shops.

The kitchen has a full-service kitchen, complete with a microwave/oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. There is plenty of counter space and lots of seating at the table to enjoy your meals. The living room has a large, plush couch, situated in front of a flat screen TV.

The bedroom has a Queen sized bed. You’ll have a beautiful view from the balcony in the bedroom. There is an open concept bathroom with a walk-in shower that you will absolutely love! This is definitely one of the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam!

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Images provided by Tim from Appartment in the City Center via Airbnb

Canal Boat in City Center

This boat home is right on the Bloemgracht, which is the most beautiful canal in Amsterdam. This Airbnb is located in the historic center of the city, so you’ll be very close to all the great places to visit during your stay, including lots of great bars and restaurants. Plus, you are just steps away from the Anne Frank Museum – wow!

Despite being so close to all the great places Amsterdam has to offer, you’ll still have quiet, peaceful evenings in the boat home, as the Bloemgracht hardly has any traffic. So you can enjoy a lovely meal, prepared in the kitchen. The kitchen table can seat four.

There is one bedroom, with a double bed. This Airbnb can sleep up to two guests, so it’s great if you’re traveling alone or with a partner. If you’re looking for an Airbnb experience unique to Amsterdam, this home on the canal is perfect for you!

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Images provided by Jaap and Natalie from Canal Boat City Center via Airbnb


This home is on the water, and there’s so much space inside! This home is right by the Olympic Stadium, the Amsterdam lake, and the Amsterdam forest. Plus, it’s just  fifteen minutes from the historic center of the city.

This home has a large kitchen with plenty of comfortable chairs at the kitchen table. The living room has a super cozy couch and lots of beautiful plants, which are kept lively with all of the amazing natural light from the large windows.

There are two bedrooms in this home, each with a double bed. There are one and a half bathrooms in this spacious Airbnb. This home can sleep up to four guests. And the best part about this space is the huge balcony on the roof with lots of comfortable outdoor seating! You have to agree that this is certainly one of the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam!

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Images provided by Nova Team from Houseboat Nova via Airbnb

Bali-Style Guesthouse

This beautiful home is located in Velsen-Zuid, just fifteen minutes outside of Amsterdam. You will love the elegant decor of this home, as well as the romantic lighting that will set the evening mood as you enjoy your meal at the kitchen table.

The living room has a comfy couch, situated in front of an amazing fireplace and a TV. You’ll enjoy the beautiful hanging plants over the couch, which gives the room a fresh and vibrant feeling. The kitchen has everything you’ll need, including a microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, and coffee maker.

There is one double bed in this guesthouse, which you’ll find at the top of the loft. The greatest part of this Airbnb is the backyard, where you’ll find a patio with outdoor seating. Not to mention, there are two trampolines and a swimming pool! This is clearly one of the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam!

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Images provided by Marcel from Balistyle Guesthouse in the Forest via Airbnb

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