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InterContinental Tahiti Resort: Full Hotel Guide & Review

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French Polynesia is one of those bucket list destinations that everyone dreams of visiting. Tahiti is the biggest of French Polynesia’s 118 islands and is the first glimpse of French Polynesia that travelers get to experience. The first thing you need to look into while planning a trip to Tahiti is where to stay. There are a few different options, but the InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa is easily the best option. Keep reading to find out why!

Where is the InterContinental Tahiti Resort?

The InterContinental Tahiti is located in the middle of the South Pacific on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. The resort is on the northwestern side of Tahiti, facing Tahiti’s sister island, Mo’orea.

Being in the South Pacific, the resort is absolutely stunning, with white sand beaches and bright blue water everywhere you look. To be more specific, the InterContinental is located in the town of Fa’a’ā, which is in the suburbs of Tahiti’s capital city called Papeete.

InterContinental Tahiti, with the view of Tahiti’s sister island, Mo’orea in the backdrop

How to Get to the InterContinental Tahiti

As mentioned in the previous section, the InterContinental Tahiti is located in the suburb city of Fa’a’ā. Conveniently enough, the resort is located just about 5 minutes away from the airport. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Unless you’re sailing into Tahiti, you’ll be flying into the only international airport in French Polynesia, the Fa’a’ā International Airport (airport code: PPT). This is the same airport you’ll head back to you if you decide to explore some of the other incredible islands French Polynesia has to offer, such as Bora Bora, Mo’orea, Raiatea, and more!

Click to check pricing on flights to Tahiti.

Once you’ve landed at the airport in Tahiti, you’re going to need a ride to the InterContinental Tahiti! You can pre-arrange a ride through the hotel, but it was super easy to get a taxi. The taxis are right outside the airport and will only cost about $15 to get to the hotel.

Rooms & Suites at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort

There are so many different types of rooms and suites at the InterContinental Tahiti. You don’t need to go to Bora Bora to stay in an overwater bungalow! The InterContinental Tahiti has them. Before we get into overwater bungalows, let’s talk about the rest of the rooms first.

There are 8 different types of rooms and suites available at the InterContinental Tahiti: 3 are rooms, 3 are overwater bungalows, and 2 are suites.

  • Standard Rooms
  • Superior Rooms
  • Panoramic Rooms
  • Junior Suite Overwater Lagoon Bungalows
  • Junior Suite Overwater Superior Lagoon Bungalows
  • Junior Suite Overwater Motu Bungalows
  • Antarès Suite
  • Overwater Motu Villa Suite

From the smallest room to the largest suite, you can find rooms ranging from 307 square feet to 1238 square feet (28.5-115 sqm). Keep reading to help you decide which room type is right for you at the InterContinental Tahiti!

FIND PRICES FOR INTERCONTINENTAL TAHITI: Hotels.com | Booking.com | Orbitz | TripAdvisor

Rooms at the InterContinental Tahiti

There are 3 types of rooms at the InterContinental Tahiti: the Standard Rooms, the Superior Rooms, and the Panoramic Rooms. All three room types come with 2 view options as well: Garden View or Lagoon View. Additionally, the Standard Rooms have a base level room that has no view at all.

Now let’s talk about what room is right for you. If you’re planning on just staying in Tahiti overnight before your flight to Bora Bora, it might be best to just stick with one of the rooms and leave your splurging for islands like Bora Bora and Mo’orea. The sizes of the Standard Rooms and Superior Rooms are identical at 307 square feet (28.5 sqm). So if you want to upgrade for size, make sure to upgrade into a Panoramic Room, as those are 414 square feet (38.5 sqm).

If it fits into your budget, I highly recommend the Panoramic Lagoon View rooms. This is the type of room I stayed in while I was visiting, and the view was incredible! You can even see Mo’orea across the water, which is breathtaking.

Click here to check pricing for rooms at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort.

View from the Panoramic Lagoon View room

Overwater Bungalows at the InterContinental Tahiti

There are 3 types of overwater bungalows at the InterContinental Tahiti: the Junior Suite Overwater Lagoon Bungalows, the Junior Suite Overwater Superior Lagoon Bungalows, and the Junior Suite Overwater Motu Bungalows. In addition, there’s also an Overwater Motu Villa Suite, but we’ll talk about that when it comes to suites.

Interestingly enough, the Junior Suite Overwater Lagoon Bungalows are the largest of the overwater bungalows. If you’re wanting a better view, you’re going to have to compromise on size a bit. It’s not significant, as the difference in size is 398 square feet versus 414 square feet.

Let’s be honest, people come to French Polynesia to stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora or Mo’orea. The overwater bungalows at the InterContinental Tahiti are stunning, but it’s not what you come to Tahiti for. However, I would make the splurge for the overwater bungalows if you’re not planning on going to any other islands.

That being said, if you’re going to other islands and you’re not worried about budget, go for an overwater bungalow anyway! There are so few places in the world that you can experience this type of accommodation, so live it up!!

Click here to check pricing for overwater bungalows at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort.

Overwater bungalows at InterContinental Tahiti Resort

Suites at the InterContinental Tahiti

If Standard Rooms and Overwater Bungalows just aren’t good enough for you, look no further than the incredible suite options at the InterContinental Tahiti. You have two options: the Antarès Suite and the Overwater Motu Villa Suite.

The Antarès Suite is the most spacious suite at the InterContinental Tahiti at 1238 square feet (115 sqm). It offers incredible views of the resort, the lagoon, and the island of Mo’orea. This suite is most equivalent to what you’d expect out of a 1-bedroom suite, with a bedroom, a bathroom, and a separate lounge area with a private bar.

The other suite type available at the InterContinental Tahiti is the Overwater Motu Villa Suite. You’ll want to stay in this suite if you’re looking for that classic overwater bungalow experience, but want more space than the standard overwater bungalows offer.

Click here to check pricing for suites at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort.

Staying in a Panoramic Lagoon View Room at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort

During my stay at the InterContinental Tahiti, I stayed in a Panoramic Lagoon View Room. If you’re saving the overwater bungalow experience for another island like Bora Bora or Mo’orea, the Panoramic Lagoon View Room is without a doubt the best room option.

These rooms are super central in the resort, making all the restaurants, pools, and other amenities only a short walk away. Plus, you’ll get to wake up every morning with an incredible view of the water and the island of Mo’orea.

Inside the Panoramic Lagoon View Room

Inside the Panoramic Lagoon View Room, you’ll have plenty of space to soak everything in. It’s the perfect size, location, and experience for your time in Tahiti, whether this is your first, last, or only stop in French Polynesia.

As soon as you walk into the room, there’s a bathroom on one side and a closet on the other side. The bathroom is spacious enough without being huge. The shower area is super spacious and is definitely the highlight.

Once you continue walking through the room, it opens up into the bedroom. The rooms allow the choice between a King bed and 2 twin beds, which is a great bonus, especially if you prefer 2 twin beds, as lots of other hotels don’t always offer this option. In addition to the bed, the room features a massive TV, a desk area (with the most adorable chair!), and a huge mirror.

The best part of the room is the balcony that offers breathtaking views of the lagoon and the island of Mo’orea. We arrived to the resort late at night, so the view was an incredible surprise when we woke up the next morning!

The view while staying inside a Panoramic Lagoon View room

Restaurants & Bars at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort

There are a few different options for dining at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort. Below is the list of restaurants and bars the resort offers.

  • Te Tiare Restaurant (breakfast / lunch / dinner): Tahitian-style restaurant with international offerings
  • Le Lotus Restaurant (lunch / dinner): overwater gourmet restaurant
  • Theme Nights
    • “Te U’i Tapairu” dinner show every 1st Friday of the month
  • Lotus Swim-Up Bar
  • Tiki Bar
  • Lobby Bar Terrace

Te Tiare is where you’ll find the breakfast buffet. Additionally, every Sunday morning Te Tiare Restaurant has a Tahitian Brunch, complete with Tahitian music and a live dance show.

Le Lotus Restaurant, the overwater gourmet restaurant at InterContinental Tahiti Resort
The live dance show that takes place at the Tahiti brunch every Sunday morning at the Te Tiare Restaurant

Activities at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort

The activities available during your stay at the InterContinental Tahiti will leave you wishing you’d planned a longer stay! There are countless things to do, which you can see below.

  • The Lagoonarium, which features 200 species of sea creatures
  • Two fresh-water pools
    • Le Lotus Pool, which offers a sandy bottom, a swim-up bar, and unobstructed views of Mo’orea
    • Te Tiare Pool, which has an infinity edge and looks over the Lagoonarium
  • Water sports (motorized and non-motorized)
  • Daily excursions
  • Cultural demonstrations
  • Handicrafts and shopping
  • …and so much more!!!

Definitely make sure to take some time at the Lagoonarium. You can grab a snorkel from the resort to use and go snorkeling and become one with the incredible sea life. Additionally, the resort offers fish feedings at 9 AM and 3 PM daily.

Keeping Safe at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort

This has been a challenging past year for everybody, but that doesn’t necessarily mean travel has to end. There are safe ways to travel and places that are doing an incredible job to allow travel to continue in the safest way possible. The InterContinental Tahiti Resort, and French Polynesia as a whole for that mater, is one of those places.

The resort has implemented enhanced sanitation practices and strict hygiene standards in accordance with the WHO, CDC, local health authorities, government advisories, and the IHG Way of Clean to ensure they deliver on the IHG Clean Promise.

These practices include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Hand sanitizer stations available throughout the hotel
  • Floor markers and signage to encourage social distancing
  • Increased cleaning of public areas, including the lobbies, elevators, door handles, and public bathrooms
  • Tables and chairs in the dining room are spaced further to allow physical distancing
  • Digital menus are available through QR codes
  • Modified buffet services

To learn more about the Enhanced Sanitation at the InterContinental Tahiti resort, click here.

Time to Book Your Stay at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort!

Hopefully all your questions about a stay at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort have been answered and you’re inspired to book your stay! The resort is genuinely the best option during a stay in Tahiti, whether it’s your final destination or your first stop on a trip throughout French Polynesia.

Especially during the high season, the resort fills up really fast, so don’t hesitate to book your stay! If you have any questions that weren’t answered, please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram or via email.

Book your stay at InterContinental Tahiti Resort.

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