19 Spooky Things to  Do in Salem in October:

Halloween Celebrations, Eccentric Decorations, & More! (2023)

The city of Salem is the kind of place that really gets you into the spirit of Halloween. The vibrant, welcoming community streets are filled with shops, cafes, and locals who are happy to share their town’s heritage with you.

Learn about Salem on a walking tour

A walking tour is one of the best things to do in Salem to step back in time and learn about the mysterious history of Salem.

This museum is one of Salem’s biggest attractions. Here, you’ll learn about all of the fascinating history of witch trials that have taken place all over the world during different time frames.

Witness Salem’s dark past at the Salem Witch Museum

If you’re interested in digging deeper into the architecture, furniture, and family life during colonial times, you’re going to want to visit the Witch House.

Visit the famous Salem Witch House

Salem is the perfect place to go for foliage peeping during the fall. The peak season is in October, with the most vibrant oranges and reds coming out in mid-October.

Marvel as nature’s masterpiece unfolds in Salem’s fall foliage

When you visit the house, take note of the detailed interior. Occupied by shipbuilders and carpenters, the house has intricate features of many generations.

Tour the private residence of The Daniel’s House

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