Flamingo Beach

In Aruba:

How to Get a Renaissance Island Day Pass  (Prices, Tips, & More!)

Aruba is home to some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, such as Palm Beach and Eagle Beach.

What are Flamingo Beach & Renaissance Island?

Flamingo Beach Aruba is one of the two beaches on the Renaissance Resort’s private island, known as Renaissance Island.

How to Visit Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island

All visits to the island have to go through the resort.  There’s no way to independently visit the island while bypassing the resort.

Stay at the Renaissance Resort Aruba

The first and best option to visit Renaissance Island and Flamingo Beach for the day is to stay at the Renaissance hotel.

The flamingos are pretty calm, so you’ll be able to stand around them and interact with them very easily.

Interact with the Flamingos

Things to Do at Flamingo Beach in Aruba & Renaissance Private Island

You can rent a private cabana on either beach – Flamingo Beach or Iguana Beach.  These cabanas are kind of like half overwater bungalows, so it’s a really cool experience.

Rent a Private Cabana  at Flamingo Beach

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