Flamingo Beach


How to Get a Day Pass 

This white sand beach surrounded by palm trees is on a private island that’s part of the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort.

How to Visit Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island

All visits to the island have to go through the resort.  There’s no way to independently visit the island while bypassing the resort.

Things to Do at Flamingo Beach in Aruba & Renaissance Private Island

On Flamingo Beach, you can get flamingo food to feed the flamingos.  This is probably the best way to get a photo of yourself with the flamingos close up.

Interact with the Flamingos at Flamingo Beach Aruba

There’s a little water sports hut on the island where you can sign up for activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, boat trips, and more.

Water Activities on Renaissance Private Island Aruba

 If drinks are more your vibe, head over to the Flamingo Beach side for the Mangrove Beach Bar.  This little shack will serve up some of the best drinks on the island of Aruba.

Restaurants at Renaissance Private Island

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