Beachfront Resorts, Private Islands, and More!

Images provided by  Riu Hotels

The Best  Resorts  in Aruba

Aruba is easily one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The island is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches and sunny weather all year long.

Images provided by  Riu Hotels

Where is Aruba?

Aruba is located in the southern part of the Caribbean, just north of Venezuela.

The Best Time  to Visit Aruba

Most of the Caribbean is at risk for Atlantic hurricanes, but Aruba is located outside of the hurricane belt. This means you can easily visit during the summer months without fear of a hurricane.

Images provided by  Manchebo Beach Resort

Bucuti & Tara  Beach Resort

This boutique resort has around 100 rooms, so you’re guaranteed to have a relaxing, intimate vacation while staying at Bucuti & Tara.

Images provided by  Bucuti & Tara Resort

Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

This resort is famous for its own private island, called Renaissance Island, which has a group of resident flamingos guests can take photos with and feed.

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

The Aruba Marriott is one of the bigger resorts in Aruba. One of the pool areas is adults only, so it’s the perfect spot to escape from kids.

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