The Ultimate Europe Bucket List:

All the Best Places to Visit in Europe

I know most people really want to travel to all the best places to visit in Europe. I’ve come up with the perfect Europe bucket list. Keep reading for information for the best places to visit in every country in Europe!

Northern  Europe Bucket List

Northern Europe has lots to offer, especially when it comes to incredible scenery.  Due to its geographical location, it’s quite cold compared to the rest of Europe.

Denmark is one of the more easily accessible countries of Northern Europe. It’s rather small compared to its neighboring countries in Northern Europe.  The country is almost entirely surrounded by water, giving it a fairytale feel.


Since Iceland is an island country, it’s rather expensive. Mostly everything has to be imported.  All the expense will be worth it when you see how beautiful the country of Iceland is.


Because Norway has so much shoreline, it’s a great country to see by cruise.  The country is massive and some of the coastal towns can be more difficult to visit which is why a cruise is a great option.


Compared to its neighbors Finland and Norway, Sweden has a much more charming capital city and is perfect for shorter trips if you only have a few days to spare.


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