The Perfect  10-Day Italy Itinerary:

For First Timers & Repeat Visitors

Italy is full of historic sites, friendly people, gorgeous coastlines, and delicious food. 

Whether it’s your first time or your tenth time, whether you want to be slow paced or super fast paced, I’ve compiled the absolute best 10 day Italy itinerary for you!

Best Time of  Year to Visit Italy

Since Italy is in the southern part of Europe, it stays a fairly mild temperature throughout the year. Of course, the further north you get closer to the Alps it’ll be colder, but Sicily can be warm-ish even in the middle of winter.

Rome & the Vatican

Rome is a perfect stop on a classic Italy itinerary. It’s the capital city and one of the most visited cities in Italy. Rome can be gritty at times, but definitely deserves its place as the first stop on this itinerary.

Florence & Tuscany

Florence was the biggest surprise to me during my visit to Italy. Despite being a city, Florence feels very homey and much more intimate than the bigger cities like Rome.

Venice & the Venetian Islands

There’s nowhere in the world like Venice. This city on the water will definitely blow you away with its charm.

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