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Morocco vs. Egypt: Which Incredible Country Should You Visit?

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So, you’re planning an exotic trip and are having trouble deciding between Morocco vs. Egypt.

As somebody who has been to both countries, I can’t wait to break down everything you need to know about both countries to help you decide which is best for you to visit.

Both Egypt and Morocco have unique cultures, stunning landscapes, friendly people, and so much more to offer. These two countries are often compared because of their similarities and close proximity to each other.

However, vacation time is limited and as much as we’d all love to visit both countries in one trip, that isn’t always feasible.

Keep reading to help you decide whether to visit Morocco or Egypt on this once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Egypt vs. Morocco: What is the Best Time to Visit?

Both Egypt and Morocco are fantastic travel destinations during the months of October to April, offering pleasant weather and a bunch of incredible sights to explore.

However, there are distinct differences in their temperatures during the rest of the year. Egypt tends to stay significantly warmer in the summer, with temperatures often soaring to scorching levels.

These unbearably hot temperatures make it a bit less desirable if you’re looking to travel in the shoulder seasons or at the very beginning and end of the high season.

In contrast, Morocco experiences a gradual increase in temperature as summer approaches, making its shoulder season (September-November and March-April) the best time to visit.

During these times, the weather in Morocco is comfortably warm, ideal for exploring its vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage without the sweltering heat that characterizes its peak summer season.

Getting There – Which is Easier?

To be honest, I don’t think the ease of getting to either Morocco or Egypt should be a deciding factor in which country you visit.

Both countries are located in North Africa and have quite good international travel routes from a ton of destinations in both North America and Europe.

Egypt Air is the national air carrier of Egypt and Royal Air Maroc is the national air carrier of Morocco. Both have multiple nonstop routes to their main cities from large cities, such as New York, Washington D.C., Paris, and London.

That being said, both airlines are safe to travel with but leave little to write home about. I’d recommend looking at other airlines that will take you to both destinations either nonstop or with one stop.

Does Morocco or Egypt Have More Varied Itineraries?

Egypt and Morocco are both destinations that deserve more than just a quick weekend trip.

I recommend you plan an itinerary for Egypt or Morocco for at least one week. If you can stretch it to either 1.5 or 2 weeks, that’s even better.

Because you’re going to spend more than just a couple of days in either country, one of the important things to keep in mind when deciding between Morocco vs. Egypt is the diversity of destinations within each country to add to your itinerary.

Luckily, both destinations offer quite unique options of cities, sights, and locations to include in your itinerary.

Morocco has incredible ancient cities full of history. However, it’s also famous for the Atlas Mountains and its Sahara Desert destinations, such as Merzouga.

You can also include a stop at a beach town in Morocco, such as Essaouira or Agadir.

Everybody knows Egypt for its incredible temples and ancient history. However, some of the best beaches in the world are in Egypt.

Two of the most popular beach destinations in Egypt are Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. Both of these are better than what Morocco has to offer for beaches.

Since Egypt is located in Northern Africa like Morocco, it does have deserts as well, such as the White Desert. However, the Sahara Desert in Morocco easily beats out the desert destinations in Egypt.

Morocco vs. Egypt: Which Country Has the Better Attractions?

Both Morocco and Egypt are massive countries full of wonderful cities and sights to visit.

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t learned in school all about the ancient pyramids and history that Egypt has to offer. Being able to see this in person is unlike anything else in the world.

Aside from the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza everybody knows Egypt for, there are endless incredible temples to visit, like Abu Simbel, Luxor Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, and more.

Some of the best cities to visit in Egypt are Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria. These cities are full of endless things to see and do and are all well worth a visit.

That being said, Morocco has a lot of incredible attractions to visit as well.

Morocco is home to the incredible photogenic and beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen.

Cities in Morocco such as Fes and Marrakech have incredibly old and unique medinas, which are Old Towns.

These medinas are full of wonderful sights and markets to explore and immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture.

If I had to pick, I would say that in the battle of Egypt vs. Morocco, Egypt wins when it comes to the better attractions. It’s just too hard to beat something as phenomenal as the pyramids and insane temples Egypt has to offer.

a camel with a red saddle and harness standing in front of the desert in Egypt with the Great Pyramids of Giza in the backdrop

Cost and Currency

Morocco uses a currency called the Moroccan Dirham. You can see today’s value of the Moroccan Dirham versus your currency at XE Currency.

The Dirham isn’t nearly as strong as the U.S. Dollar, so Morocco is considered an affordable country to travel to. At the time of writing, $1 USD is equal to about 10 Moroccan Dirhams.

Egypt uses a currency called the Egyptian Pound. You can see today’s value of the Egyptian Pound versus your currency at XE Currency.

Similar to the Dirham, the Egyptian Pound is much weaker than the U.S. Dollar. Likewise, Egypt is considered a very affordable country to visit. At the time of writing, $1 USD is equal to about 30 Egyptian Pounds.

Both Egypt and Morocco are very affordable to visit for Americans.

Our currency is very strong against both their currencies, and you’ll easily be able to find affordable hotels and activities in both locations.

Safety While Traveling

Safety is always a big topic of concern when it comes to traveling, especially in countries that have a different culture to yours and can make you feel out of place.

Egypt has had some issues in the past with anti-government protests in the early 2010s, but those issues are in the past.

The country has come a long way in becoming a safe and inviting place for tourism once again and has been for several years.

Morocco is also as safe, if not slightly safer than Egypt if you consider what Egypt dealt with years and years ago.

One thing to be aware of when traveling through both Morocco and Egypt is that the locals are notorious for really intense selling tactics.

I’ve found that in Egypt, this is a bit more intense across the board. However, in Morocco, this is much worse in the Medina areas of the cities you’ll visit.

These types of interactions can sometimes be uncomfortable if you’re not prepared, but these people mean absolutely no harm, but will sometimes make you feel guilty for not buying what they’re selling.

It’s important to politely decline and move along so they don’t keep bothering you.

traditional Egyptian boats, called feluccas, traveling down the Nile River surrounded by lush greenery

Transportation Between and Within Cities

Public transportation is somewhat available in both countries, although is nowhere near as widespread or efficient as it is in somewhere like Europe.

Egypt has trains that will travel between larger cities, such as Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, which is a slower way to travel, but quite unique.

You can even opt to travel between Luxor and Aswan via the famous Nile River on either a more modern river cruise or a more traditional felucca.

Both Egypt and Morocco have buses readily available to travel between cities for quite affordable prices.

However, the public transportation within each city or area in either country isn’t great.

Taxis will be your preferred method for getting around both countries.

The app Careem works in some larger cities in Egypt to get around, but honestly waving a taxi down and negotiating a price works just as well.

Religion in Morocco and Egypt

Egypt and Morocco are predominantly Islamic countries with unique cultural nuances when it comes to dress codes and religious practices.

Both nations generally adhere to more conservative dress codes, and it’s recommended for visitors to dress modestly and in more loose-fitting clothing, covering shoulders and knees, especially in more rural areas or holy sites.

In Egypt, tourists are welcome to enter many mosques to admire their architectural beauty and gain insight into the culture and history. Cairo in particular has some really stunning mosques that are well worth a visit.

In contrast, Morocco tends to have stricter rules, and most mosques do not permit non-Muslim visitors to enter.

An exception to this rule is the extraordinary Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, which does open its doors to tourists.

FAQs for Egypt vs. Morocco

Is Morocco or Egypt more beautiful?

Both countries are beautiful in their own ways. The beaches and coastal areas in Egypt are stunning, whereas Morocco has the more stunning Sahara Desert.

Are Egypt and Morocco close to each other?

Egypt and Morocco are both located in North Africa. However, they’re on opposite sides of North Africa and the continent is quite large. There are about 2,000 miles of land between both countries.

What is Morocco famous for?

Morocco is famous for its riads, medinas, and the desert. Riads are a really unique type of accommodation you can stay in while visiting Morocco. Medinas are the old section of cities such as Fes, Tangier, and Marrakech.

What is Egypt famous for?

Egypt is primarily famous for the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. It is also famous for the ancient Egyptian way of life and the unique hieroglyphic writing style. Egypt is also famous for Pharaohs, such as King Tut.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Morocco. However, it’s rare to find alcohol at restaurants or to purchase it when you’re in the medina of a city.

Can you drink alcohol in Egypt?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Egypt. However, many locals abstain from drinking so you won’t always find it available for purchase at restaurants.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Egypt. It’s common to get hassled to buy different products and goods, but you can reduce the likelihood of this happening by traveling with a guide.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Morocco. When inside the medinas in Morocco, it’s quite common to be hassled to purchase things. Make sure to politely decline and walk away.

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